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Our Services

The MSH Partnership is a local consultancy, providing expert advice, lifestyle assessments and resources for individuals as well as all industries and sectors large and small. With engagement and performance as ‘must haves’ for any successful business, the key enabler is wellbeing and resilience.

At MSH Partnership we are currently involved in numerous initiatives and programmes. Click through the panels below to see some of the things our partnership is currently engaged in developing and delivering.

Wellbeing for Success package

Draws on a group of experts in field of health, personal performance, resilience and transformational change to develop and deliver a bespoke plan to improve the performance, health and well being of your workforce using the following 5 stages to success:

– Leadership for change

– Measure & diagnose

– Analyse

– Action

– Evaluate, Report and Review

It’s My Wellbeing workshops for staff/teams

Workshops will be tailored to the needs of your organisation/staff groups but will include factors that impact on performance; how to recognise stress and impact on wellbeing and performance; tools and techniques to live a happy healthy life;

Individual lifestyle and Executive coaching to improve personal performance and resilience using Firstbeat Body Guard 2

You will get data that matters to you and your teams. Based on decades of research and work with professional athletes, Firstbeat has created a professional grade coaching tool that helps you manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise right

We provide you with the opportunity to use a technology that is used by many leading sporting and corporate organisations to help their people understand more about themselves. This can be offered as part of a workplace executive development programme or for individuals who want to understand more about themselves and maximise their personal performance and build resilience.

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Delivering a More Active Workforce

Drawing on our experience of delivering the largest workplace sport and physical activity programme across the NHS we have a range of workshops including:

  • Developing the business case for incorporating sport and physical activity into your workplace
  • Developing and delivering a workplace sport and physical activity programme within your organisation using social marketing
  • Delivering corporate tournaments/sporting events based on the demographics of your organisation
Sport and Health workshops/consultancy

Targeted specifically at sports clubs that want to maximise their unique selling point to deliver health and wellbeing to communities and be commissioned by public bodies.

The Healthy Business Hub

‘The Healthy Business Hub’

Bringing together business leaders committed to improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce

With more than 131m work days lost through sickness in the UK alone, this equates to an estimated cost of £60bn. ‘The Healthy Business Hub’ is providing the place for business to work together to respond to this critical issue.

We know successful businesses have healthy, productive, happy workforces and many employers now realise that investing in employee health and wellbeing linked to corporate objectives makes good business sense and delivers a win – win. 

‘The Healthy Business Hub’ is for you if:

You are committed to improving the health & wellbeing of your staff

You want to retain your talent and improve the productivity of your workforce

You want to boost your competitive edge

Business leaders meet quarterly to:-

  • Hear from industry experts and ‘thought leaders’ on solutions to tackle some of the big issues facing businesses, such as mental health, an ageing workforce, staff retention
  • Discuss workforce health & wellbeing issues/challenges with peers
  • Share workplace health and wellbeing best practice
  • Become skilled and equipped to identify and prioritise the most significant workplace health issues

 FREE members forum offering:- 

  • Exclusive access to workplace wellbeing tools
  • Member only events
  • Private online forum via Linkedin
  • Quarterly newsletters 

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